How To Get Free Gym Membership, Free Coffee, Free Uber Rides In The U.K. With O2 Priority (Nope, You Don’t Need To Pay For O2 Coverage)

O2 is a mobile phone network in the United Kingdom, but it’s coverage for my area is pretty grim, so we went with EE.

But O2 has an app called O2 Priority, which offers free perks and discounts available to any one with a O2 mobile number.

Their offers change often, but these are some of my favorites that are available now:

  • Uber:  2 free journeys up to £10 each
  • Nuffield Health:  14 day gym pass including classes (good for the next 2 months);  This offer may be recyclable, meaning that after the 14 days are up, you can click “Use Now” again, and it renews.  This offer hasn’t been available long enough for me to try it out, but it has worked in the past for other offers.
  • Halfords:  FREE bike pump or sports bottle
  • Boots:  FREE facial mud masque sachet
  • Cafe Nero:  Free drink Tuesday’s only after 12 pm
  • Boots/WHS:  Monday’s from 11-3 pm:  £1 lunch including bag of crisps, sandwich, and drink

If you are already an O2 customer, and not using the app already, you should be.

If you are currently with another network and you have an unlocked mobile, you’re still in business.

You have two options.

Option #1:  You can pop into your local O2 store if you’re near one and ask for a Pay As You Go sim card.  It will be free.

Option #2:  You can follow this link: and wait a couple of days for the sim in the mail.  Again, this is free.  If you order online, your basket should look like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 12.48.26 PM

How to access O2 Priority while using another mobile network:

STEP #1:  Once you have your O2 sim, shut off your mobile, swap out the sims, then restart your mobile.

STEP #2:  Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi, then type “O2 Priority” into your app store.  Download the app.

STEP #3: When you open the app, if your O2 number isn’t automatically entered, check on the hard card where you popped your sim card out of.  The number is printed on there as well.

STEP #4:  Enter the 5-digit code that is sent to your O2 number through text.  Plug that in, then click “Sign In.”

STEP #5:  Now that you’re logged into the app, it doesn’t matter what sim card you use on a regular basis.  You will be logged into the O2 Priority app.  Now, you can shut off your mobile, take out your O2 sim, and put your typical sim card back in.  When you turn your phone back on, the priority app will still be unlocked, and you will be able to access all the perks of the app without being an O2 customer.

Have fun collecting free stuff when you’re out and about!



One thought on “How To Get Free Gym Membership, Free Coffee, Free Uber Rides In The U.K. With O2 Priority (Nope, You Don’t Need To Pay For O2 Coverage)

  1. I can NOT believe how fast you’re pumping out these posts after just talking about it a few days ago!! Keep them coming!! Also.. I’m thinking I need to head to O2 tomorrow and get Jason and I SIM cards and then we can have some lunch or coffee dates for free!! 🙂 You’re flipping amazing!! Can’t wait to learn more of your ways!!


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