Finding Error Fares For Flights Is Easier Than Ever Before

It’s a great time to live in 2016.  For years, I’ve made it a daily habit to scour through the blogs to find insane mistake rates, fat-finger mistakes, error fares, etc.  Then, when you’re as obsessed as me, you’ll spend hours running searches yourself looking for mistakes or possible fuel dumps.  For me, it’s thrilling, and my hard work is payed off when Travis and I get to enjoy a wild vacation for less than it might cost to drive from Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore.

Now, on to how to do it.  There’s a single site dedicated to broadcasting every mistake fare the blogs find.  There is a list of the blogs the site owner gets his/her material from, and all my favs are on it.

It’s 100% user friendly.  Many of the best blogs out there are not in English.  Before, I was using Google Translate to do a thorough search of the deals.  But at, there’s even a translate button, which means this site really is a one-stop shop.

The convenience of this brilliant site is mind-blowing.

Now, if only there was a…



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